Technology Integration and Professional Development

Posted: May 11, 2013 in Uncategorized

I will probably present this information to staff in a Power Point-type presentation, but wanted to practice more of my early blogging skills.

Technology Integration and Professional Development
For Technology to be effectively integrated into classrooms, teachers need
• effective professional development
• establishing communities of practice (PLC’s)
• providing administrative support
• creating relevance to context and curriculum (1)

Stages of technology adoption
• Familiarization – teacher is introduced to technology
• Utilization — teacher tries different technology in the classroom
• Integration – teacher become dependent on technology
• Reorientation – teacher reconsiders purpose of classroom and used technology to support a learning environment that encourages students to construct and shape their own knowledge
• Evolution — directs attention to the education system and its need to evolve and adapt in order to be effective (2)

Challenges to integrating technology into curriculum
• Adequate time to
o Identify
o Learn compatible and relevant software
• Scheduling of access to computers
• Adequate equipment and use
• Adequate and timely professional development (3)


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