PD Plan for Effectively Integrating iPads into the LCLE Classroom

Posted: May 11, 2013 in Uncategorized

LCLE classrooms will have 5 iPads shared across a grade

Here is our process for PD (part of the three PD days before school starts in August):

Day 1: 1 hour together, work on own
• Review school policy for internet usage and policy for wireless devices
• Introduction to iPads
o How to turn on/off
o How to add/delete apps
o How to close open apps
o How to charge iPad
• Assignment – fiddle with the iPad
o Search for app for phonics and/or phonemic awareness (free)
o Install the app
o Use the app
o Delete the app “Temple Run”
o Close all open apps
o Charge for tomorrow

Day2: 1 hour together, work on own and with partner approx. 1 hour
• Share what app you found (can use document camera and projector to make easy to see)
• Everyone install apps the group agrees on
• Group discussion – what were your experiences? How would you use these apps in instruction?
• Instruction on Settings
o Wifi
o General: updates, locks, restrictions, side switch
o Try these out
• Assignment
o Find free app for telling time for K-1
o Add app
o Use app
o Teach app to partner
o How would you use this app in your instruction?

Day 2: regroup – about 3 hours
• Share the app you found, and how you’d use it in class
• Everyone installs the apps group agrees on
• 1 hour – with a partner, using these two apps
o TicTacToe – Lakeshore Learning
o Tell Time – Little Match Ups
o How would you use these apps in instruction/in class?
o What would be the activity?
o Who would use it and how?
o How would you assess their work?
• Share ideas with whole group
• Everyone install Toontastic
o Walk through together
o Try it out – save your story
o Write a lesson for your class using Toontastic – will share next day

Day 3: Toontastic
• Share your story!
• Share your lesson ideas
• Refine lessons
• For meeting in one week, you will share your Toontastic lesson and at least one student sample with group
• Discuss how to introduce students to the iPads and proper use

First weekly mtg.:
• Share Toontastic lessons and products
• Discuss successes and challenges using the iPads
• For next weekly mtg.
o Add two math apps
o Add two ELA apps
o Use these in your classroom
o Report back to group

Weekly to bi-weekly meetings throughout the year would be ideal, to continue the sharing and growth

Administrator would need to evaluate technology usage in walk throughs and observations

Student products could be posted on school or classroom website


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