enGauge and LCAS Plans…

Posted: May 5, 2013 in Uncategorized

How do the strategic and technology plans measure up against the six (6) conditions in the enGauge Framework?

Forward Thinking, Shared Vision: the strategic plan does demonstrate a forward thinking vision of learning, but does need to be specific in including technology in the planning. The technology plan also is somewhat forward-thinking, but needs more specifics as well.

Effective Teaching and Learning Practices: The district is using instructional strategies from Marzano’s work for all education, and is applying these to the use of technology as well. However, it is not clearly defined nor required of every teacher to use the technology to support instruction. Use of technology is not consistent, even within a building.

Educator Proficiency With Effective Teaching and Learning Practices: Approximately 90% of the staff is comfortable using technology in some manner in their instruction, with approximately 45% using it with great regularity and success. The largest need in this area is instruction for teachers in how to use technology effectively in their instruction, and a move by administration to require more use of technology.

Digital-Age Equity: The district has done a very good job of ensuring that the technology is available equally to all students, without their being gaps based on gender, socio-economic status, special needs, etc. All students have equal access to the technology within the district. Because of the disparity of internet access across the physical school district, as well as socio-economic status, all technology required for school work is provided during the school day. Teacher plan use of technology to be during the school day at the school, so all students can be successful. Even in the case of our flipped classrooms, students without internet access are given DVD’s so they can view the lecture and/or notes at home (students are surveyed at the start of the year to know what access they have at home).

Robust Access Anywhere, Anytime: Any teacher or student with internet access outside of the physical school building can access the school website, and a majority of the programs used within the district. Currently, of all programs used within the school, only Accelerated Reader is not made available outside of the physical school buildings. The district also makes online learning available for students, and provides technology assistance.

Systems & Leadership: This is an area that the district still needs to work on. Most technology innovation is initiated by teachers, and use of technology is not required at this time. Additionally, administrators need to improve their technology skills and their understanding of how to use technology in instruction. They are moving forward in digital assessment, and have implemented the NWEA this school year, but need to continue to move in this direction. Additionally, more professional development is needed for all teachers to improve the use of technology in instruction.


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