Technology Effectiveness…

Posted: May 3, 2013 in Uncategorized

How effective is the use of technology in your district and school?

The use of technology in the district varies greatly from teacher to teacher and building to building. So far, those with Smart boards are using these daily in their classes, and students use them as well. Yet even the degree to which each board is used varies depending on the teacher’s comfort level with equipment and their own time commitment. There is a lot of out-of-class preparation time needed to teach effectively with the technology, and not everyone puts in this time.
Rooms without Smart boards are using their computer/document camera/projector equipment at least daily, again with variations across the rooms. Some teachers pull in more technology to support their instruction, including short clips and games to draw students in.
Based on the data from the last four years of the Eighth Grade Technology Assessment, approximately 70% of the students are deemed proficient. This is an area of concern, as the students need to be ready for the real world and the technology in it.


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