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Posted: May 3, 2013 in Uncategorized

Does the district/school have a current technology plan? If so, how were technology needs assessed, and are they sufficiently addressed in the technology plan?

Lake City Area Schools has a current technology plan. When written, the technology committee reviewed with staff the technology standards, then surveyed the staff to determine areas of need. From there, the technology committee compiled the results, and began working to prioritize needs. As a draft plan was created, the technology committee members took the draft back to the staff in their buildings to share the draft and gather input and feedback. Adjustments were made by the committee, then the plan was submitted.
However, the plan needs to be more specific. It is vague when it comes to suggesting what purchases should be made over time; instead, it gives the goals and leaves it open to interpretation what could be purchased and/or implemented to meet the goal. This can make it difficult at budgeting time, as there is not a specific protocol to follow for who gets what and when. This is something the technology committee is working to address.
Additionally, the goals in the technology plan for the years after the initial year of the goal are not written into the plan. Instead, it mentions that the specific plans will be written at the end of the previous year, allowing for adjustment, but there is no evidence if this has happened or not. Luckily, the school improvement plan does contain up-to-date goals that include technology.


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