Improving Use of Technology…

Posted: May 3, 2013 in Uncategorized

How would you improve the use of technology in your school to enhance teaching, student learning, and staff productivity?

In an ideal situation, I would ensure that every classroom has a Smart board in place, and all computer/document camera/projector set-ups are wall- or ceiling-mounted, as many are still on mobile carts, which can be an issue. I would also ensure all classrooms K-5 have at least 5 iPads for student use. Grades 6-12, I would ensure all classrooms are equipped with a laptop per student. By having more technology in their hands and at their disposal, teachers are more likely to use the technology.
I would continue with professional development in the use of technology, and partner experienced “techies” with the “newbies” as mentors. Then at each building levels, I would have principals require certain technology activities or projects each month or week. Requiring some teachers to do it is the only way you can get them into it. I would also encourage all administrators to become tech-savvy and comfortable with technology in education.
Technology lends itself well to project-based learning, and this can greatly enhance student achievement. In addition, the hands on aspect of technology and the medium itself engage more students. They are digital natives – we need to teach and treat them that way.


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